Where Would You Go If You Had Wings?

The mythical character Daedalus, who can fly with wings he has made of feathers and wax, sits quietly at the foot of your bed, waiting for you to awaken. He has a special set of wings for you and will show you how to safely fly to any place or realm you desire. He can take you back in time or into the future – or even to some distant star in the galaxy. What places will you soar to? What adventure will befall you?

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  1. I’d go in a distant galaxy with a camera,bags,and a headset and record all of it then going back to earth with the supplies and find a level 3 civilization we could work with them,and we’d turn into a level 4 civilization.

  2. If i had wings i’d travel around the world. Have exciting adventures, and meet new ppl.
    And i would Make my own book series and use my wings to help me pass my books out to the world.
    And that’s what i would do with my wings! 🙂

  3. Currently I am not living in my home country, so I would definitely love to go home carrying my son and spend time with my mom. I would give up anything for it. If I were living with my mom already, then I would go back in time and spend some time with a friend who lost her battle to cancer.

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