How a ‘Feeling of Assurance’ Can Change Your Life

I once read about an athlete who had been temporarily paralyzed from the neck down while playing football. While he was in the hospital, his family and friends formed what he called a ”feeling of assurance” around him to communicate their love and hope for his recovery. He has since made great progress and is walking again, even although doctors initially only had given him a 3 percent chance of doing so.
This made me think about what it would be like if each of us also knew we were surrounded by a ”feeling of assurance” and support from those around us. Wouldn’t that give us extra strength in dealing with all of life’s problems and hurts? Wouldn’t that strengthen us? How much different would our lives be with such good feelings directed at us? But, to receive such love, wouldn’t we also need to be able to offer such assurance to others, too, and without any reservation?
WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you ever felt such a ”feeling of assurance”? What was it like? How did it affect you?

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