You Have Your Own Star

Someone who loves you dearly has bought you a faraway star.  It is yours to name, and yours to wish on.  The wish will come true, too.  What do you call your own star?  What is your special wish?

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  1. My star name would be Lorstina and my wish would be to be a star because I can sing very good. I love to sing but I hate to sing in front of people, like I just go crazy.

  2. Of all the things in the world I had expected to be gifted a star had never crossed my mind. Looking at the certificate I thought hard, what would I call this far off glimmering light? It felt like cheating but I turned to google, it was how I had found many things in life. Clicking I scrolled and clicked through random words, the journey of discovery become more fascinating as I moved away from my target. Finally I stopped, I had seen a word I loved, Petrichor, the smell of rain.
    I will never know if my star knew of rain. But there had to be worse things to call a star.

    With a borrowed telescope the next night I pin-point star far off in the sky. To me it looked like any other, but the name I gave it would live on longer than I would. Smiling, I whispered to myself, rain. Within seconds I could feel the light droplets of rain begin, soon I knew the scent would rise. Petrichor.

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