Write About An Agenl In Your Life

Early in the morning when I walk my dog in the darkened streets, I meet an ‘’angel.’’  He is the man who delivers newspapers to the apartments in my building.  He works so hard, and often his shirt and face are drenched with sweat from having to lug the heavy newspapers.  But whenever we meet on the street or in the elevator, no matter how tired he is, he greets me with the widest, most beautiful smile.  We then may then exchange a few words as he tries his best to communicate in broken English. His being seems to flow with happiness and good will.

I think to myself how hard his life must be, working during the night to make his deliveries, carrying his heavy load, adjusting to life in a new country far from his homeland, and yet he still finds it in him to smile with such good will.  When I see him, I feel better; he teaches me how to be a little less self-preoccupied and selfish.  How bad can life be, after all, when there are human beings like this man who seems to have an innate sense of goodness?

So what about you?  Have you ever met a person who seems to give you hope that things are good in the world and that life can be beautiful.  If so, please tell us about this ‘’angel’’ in your life. Describe why she or he is so special.


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