What’s Under the Mask You Wear?

Some people say we all wear masks of one sort or another to guard and protect our inner selves.   The mask may be a real, physical one, or it may simply be having a smile, or smirk, on our face all the time, or maintaining a sad or troubled look.  The mask may separate us from the person we try to show to the world from the person we really feel is the one inside us, the true one.  What masks do you wear in life?  What kind of person is the one under the mask? Which mask would you like to try on?

You can write your response in any form you wish, as a short answer, an essay, or as a poem or haiku.  You can even wear a mask as you write!

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  1. Under the mask the super hero is in a good life. She helps people. Even without the mask she does good deeds. That girl behind the mask is a girl who doesn’t care about goods. This girl can is happy about her power.

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