Write About A Life-Saving Memory

You are in a frightening situation, one that you have never been in before.  You try to catch your breath as you take stock of the circumstances.  You know that if you can call up a certain smell, it will make you feel safe and protected.  You also remember there is a certain memory that always erases your worries when you recall it.  What is the ”safe” smell? What is that life-saving memory?   Let it come back and protect you now.

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  1. I have rarely been in a frightening situation in all my life.
    But whenever I get stresses and worries about something, I usually try to absorb the smell of many foods. This is because I love all the food we can eat and the food always makes me destress as well. There aren’t proper situations with life-saving…but When I was due for the army, I experienced a little bit dangerous circumstance. That is in the winter two years ago. I was climbing on the mountain which is the highest in that area, carrying the important luggage like a gun and gas mask. Without anyone knowing, I slept for a while while climbing on and kept going with my eyes closed. To my surprise, I hadn’t been injured at that walking training. It was so dangerous I think in my life…

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