Name a New Day of the Week

Something simple today: if we could add a new day to the week, what would we call it?  And, would the extra new day be used for something special?

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  1. Oh, it will be fantastic!!! If it is true I named this day Reading Day! I will read more exiting stories, new information for all over the world. I should go to the library and take information about new books that would be interesting for me. I will read science fiction…I would read all day in Reading Day!!!

  2. Moonday, since we already have Sunday.
    But also, the moon is a beautiful thing. It’s not just Earth’s natural satellite, but something more intimate. After all, they’ve been together since the beginning.
    Moonday would come right after Sunday, not that the Sun is more important, but because at the end of the week, Earth should be with his loved one, before another one starts.

  3. I think that we should make a day that’s after Sunday, but before Monday. It should be a day where we go out in nature. Just take the day off and enjoy the fresh air. Sorta like Earth Day! However, it would be once a week. Of course, some people still need to work, so therefore, if they wanted to work, they could. So, why not? It could be as simple as walking the dog around the block. It could be just laying out in the grass and vocusing on your breathing. Just enjoy the outdoor life. It could be a day to just rest if needed. If you want to work, work. Make the day useful but not too stressing. Life is stressful most the time, so why not take a day and make it less stressful?

  4. If I could add a new day to the week -which I’d dearly love to- then I’d probably call it ‘laborare-day’ which is Latin for work hard. I would prefer to have it just after Monday and the point of this extra day would be to get all my homework and targets for the week completed, hence the ‘work hard’. If I manage to get the whole of my work done on Laborareday then not only would I have accomplished a world record, and fulfilled my life ambition, but I would have insured that the rest of my week is one hundred percent work free!

    Now, that would be a dream come true! Sadly however, facts and logic go against my dreams… If we were to add another day to the week, then each week would become 8 days long, Meaning there would be 3 weeks per month, rather than the usually occurring 4 weeks. Thus the number of weeks per year would be lessened and -I think this is true from a science class but can’t assure you I’m being 100% accurate- so as I have learned that somehow when each week ends the moon is at a certain position in the sky, and if we were to change the number of days then it would be all jumbled up….

    And another thought that will mess things up even more…. If we were to add another day to each week then…. THE HORROR OF IT! New year’s eve wouldn’t be on New year’s eve but on the first evening of the next year and then new years day would be on the second day and… Oh its getting to confusing…. We’ll need a ton of genuineness just to change the calendar.

    Heavens, this is even more confusing than that time when that guy made up his mind to change the clocks back in spring or something so that the farmers have more time to work, and the clocks go forward in winter, so they get more sleep, or something….

    But what about people who aren’t farmers!!! It’s just utterly confusing… And, the times not even changed as there is still 24 hours, its just the mental change AKA confusing change….

    I’ll leave that to the experts…. Now where was I? Ahh yes, so to change the number of days in a week would require a lot of thought and a lot of thinking and me thinks that it would be too hard to accomplish it, ‘specially when I can’t even get my head round the time changes….

    So, I’m giving up on my dream to add another day, well no actually, I’m giving up on the thought of turning the dream into reality, I can still dream… Logic can’t stop me!

    But I did have one thought… I could perhaps swap Monday for laborare-Day instead, and work just as hard as if it were the real thing….

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