What Do You Ask the Wise Woman? What Does She Answer?

Someone has directed you to a very wise woman.  She has lived a long life and knows many things.

You have so much on your mind as you climb the steep mountain, seeking her out.  What is the question you bring with you, and what is her answer?

Think carefully, search within.

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  1. Digging deep into the last of your energy reserves, you pause and take a long drink from the flask at your hip. The water is cool and refreshing, instantly reviving you, but you know you’re not done as you wipe the sweat from your brow and turn to walk the last vertical steps towards her cabin. Will she be there? And if so what will she say? This was all Gideon’s fault. If he hadn’t opened the book and said the words none of this would’ve happened. It was time to make things right.
    Just then the cabin came into view. It was old as she expected, ramshackled and partially derelict on one side. but that was not what caught her attention. On the front porch a wizened old woman her hair grey and matted, her fingers busy working shelling peas .
    “Hello”, she said. “I’ve been expecting you”.

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