What Will This Special Key Open?

You can use keys to open many things.

Some keys can open treasure chests filled with all the things which you believe are valuable.

Some keys can open your personal diary where you often write about the important things in your life.

Or, maybe you have given someone you love the ”key” to your heart or to your soul.

Imagine that someone gave you a key to open something.  Write about what the key will open.  If the key opens a door, for example, then write about what is on the other side of the door.

If the key opens a special box, then write about what is inside.

If the key could open any door, what would that door be and what would be on the other side?

If the key could open anything, then what would that be?

Or, if this key could lock any door, what door would you want to lock, and why? What would you lock out?

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  1. This poem makes me feel calm with the cold door handle and the satisfaction of the opening of the door. This is a calm text saying a key can open anything.

  2. A key can open many things but if I had key to open anything what would it be? If I had a key to open any door, any window or any chest it would be….. a door with its metal handle as cold as ice but, what is on the other side? Well on the other side is another key for another mystery. What is this key? This special key shines in the light just like a person full of glee. We can go looking for the door that this key opens but it is more fun to leave it as a mystery.

    Another door.

    Another key.

    Well it is just a mystery.

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