Have You Been A Blessing?

In an essay for the September 16 Wall Street Journal, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks spoke about the coming High Holy Days for Jewish people, and said something very important:

”As we ask God to write us in the Book of Life, he asks us, what have you done with your life thus far? Have you thought about others or only about yourself?  Have you brought healing to a place of human pain or hope where you found despair?  You may have been a success, but have you also been a blessing?…”

Such an important question, whether we have been a blessing to others, to the world.  How will you answer that question?

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  1. I Have Been A Blessinq From God And Everyone Who Are Close To Me. I Thank God For This Life, Family, Friends, Relatives And I Wanna Thank Him For Everythinq And Wakinq Me Up Every Morninq. I Want Him To Know How Much I Love Him. God Had Been Lookinq Down To Me And Bless Me. He Show Me His Ways. I Follow The Lead. I Goinq Church Every Niqht And Praise. I Want God To Know That He Is Important Person In My Life. I Want To Be Bless. I Will Always Go Church But I Cant Promise Him Because I Still Be Home And Praise Him. All I Want From God Is To Get Me A Job And My Dream To Come True. I Want To Be A Doctor Or Lawyer. I Want Him To Help Me. Bless Me. Watch Over Me. I Thank God For Everythinq. In Jesus Name Amen <3

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