Please Share the Ways You Use MakeBeliefsComix in the Classroom

Dear reader,

Educators from around the world are always coming up with creative ways to use in the classroom. We’d like to develop a new feature where teachers share with colleagues how they use our free comic generator to help students communicate their ideas and improve their writing and reading skills. How do you tie in the comics with the subjects you teach?
Please send your own tips to us and give us permission to post at MakeBeliefsComix. You can send your ideas to , along with your name, teaching grade and name of school. Or write your suggestion here at our writing blog,
Thank you.

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  1. I run a High school writing center and have used several of these writing prompts with students who struggle to know what to write. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hello

    Used this in a iGCSE History lesson. The class had to use their textbook and other resources to create a storyboard of the First Gulf War ensuring they have included the most significant events,facts and figures.

    Very fun even for the older pupils!

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