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  1. A perfect day.. hmm.. or a perfect myth! For me, a perfect day would look like when I will not have a single doubt about myself of being capable enough to do something.. or being beautiful enough.. or being slim enough.. just without any insecurities at all. Like right now, I have this insecurity of making this comment perfect!! The ‘perfect’ word is what has made everything imperfect! That’s an irony, right? But tell me can you deny this? Can you deny the fact that how fucked up our generation is? We are in this constant cycle or constant race of being the best version of ourselves or being the version of someone else whom we portray as best. Tell me who decides this whole thing? What is beautiful or not! Who is worthy or not! Whether the decision is right or not! Where is all of this coming from? Oh! Of course! Let me tell you the answer.. The Big.. Honorable.. ‘Perfect’ Society of ours.
    A big round of applause ladies and gentlemen, for raising so many insecurities within us that we keep questioning ourselves if we are even worth living! Oh girl ! Look at yourself! You have become so fat! Who would get married to you if you stay like this! Oh girl ! That career has no directions and it is not smart enough to be opted as a career! Bla bla bla with lots and lots of bullshit! What about happiness or satisfaction? Have we forgotten that because of just getting accepted And being perfect in the society? No one wants to talks about the issues that every single individual goes through! No one stays when the sky is all clouded and you don’t see a single way of hope!

    So let me tell you, if anyone is reading this.. you my friend.. will have to accept the life as the way it is. Yes there is a competition, accept it and move on and do what genuinely makes you happy and never give up on it. No matter how imperfect it might sound to the society. Be a little less harsh on yourself and treat yourself with love, respect and care. Appreciate yourself for every single little thing that you do. Even if you are breathing, because you are alive because of it. So breathe and appreciate it. That there is air in the surrounding to make you survive. There is heart pumping everyday to keep you going. Appreciate that you have completely functional body parts that so many people in the world don’t have. And trust me, eventually, you will love yourself like never before. And that my friend, would be the perfect day, for me! Peace!

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