Tell the Story of the Migrant

Years ago, under cover of night, I illegally crossed the border between Mexico and the United States to start a new life in this country. I had many dreams and fears that motivated me to start a new life. I underwent many frightening adventures to finally arrive here. I still struggle to stay here. Tell my story.

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  1. I came from nothing. I had no food, no water, nothing. My family was struggling to find anything to eat. We were tired, hungry, and thirsty. I was tired of living in filth and famine. I made a plan. A plan to come to America where we could start a new life.
    So one night we snuck away into the night. There was an unguarded area at the border where we snuck through. We began the long journey to the nearest town.
    Yet, we still struggled. No one would accept us for who we were. I spoke next to no English and finding a job was difficult. I landed a minimum wage job after struggling for months. My children enrolled in school and began to take English lessons. Life was coming together, but things would never be easy. We would never be accepted as normal. We would always get strange looks. But it was better than nothing.

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