Use These Five Words to Write A Story

Great writing idea from 100 Word Challenge, a writing prompts site at

We have 5 words for you this week. They all have to be included in your writing but can be in any order. They are:

Bicycle Desperate Yellow Warned Greedily

Can you create a 100-word story or paragraph using all the words and making them as interesting as possible to wow your friends? Please try. You can do this exercise, too, with any other words of your own choosing that interest you. Go to it and have fun!

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  1. At the beginning of the day my mom warned me to be alert for the rest of the day. There’s a killer loose in the area.

    Usually I walk to school, though since I’ve been told that, I think maybe taking my bicycle is a better choice instead. A couple of blocks from my house I hear gunshots. I’m suddenly desperate to get to school as fast as I can and all I have is seven more blocks to go.

    I ride past the yellow house that usually catches my attention everyday and see two people wearing all black come out of the house with guns. They greedily aim their guns at me and start shooting. They miss because of how fast I am going.

    I get t the school and there are cops there, they see me and ask if anything happened. I shake my head no and go on into the school building.

  2. The land of the city is greedily being charged for, if you own anything more than a bicycle they’re going to get money from you parking it within city limits.

    I look to the future – where we will be riding buses, bikes and trains. Or walk. It’s what we want if we want to save ourselves. But you should be warned; the price is freedom.

    The form of the Yellow Suzuki bike is sleek, it oozes freedom, it drips oil. I watch it greedily. It was built for speed; it was built for dreamers.

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