Please Send Us Your Thoughts for A New Book

Dear readers,
I am now working on a book of comfort, to help people as they age, as they deal with different health and life issues, and to encourage them to find as much joy as possible in their precious lives.
If I were to hand you such a book of comfort and hope, what kinds of things would you like to find in it? Good thoughts? Prayers? Nuggets of Hope? Humor? Writing prompts to elicit happy memories? Something more? What do you need? Perhaps you can ask this question, too, of elders in your own life, such as your parents or grandparents — they may have some reach ideas about what they need which you can share with me.
I would welcome your ideas which would be helpful to me as I work on this important project. You can send your ideas to or to this page.
In the past I have written other books of hope, such as LifeLines: A Book of Hope and MakeBeliefs: A Gift for Your Imagination, both of which can be found at

But I am older now than when I wrote these, and I am seeking to do something richer to go with wise aging. I truly welcome your thoughts. Please write.
Bill Zimmerman

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