Dear Future Self,

Write a note to your future self — it could be who you are in five or 10 or more years, depending on what you feel.
What do you want to say to your future self? Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? Begin:
Dear Future Self,

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  1. Dear Future Self

    Whatever your doing in the future recalling the old times and when you were young,wherever you are in life right now.Stop hating yourself so much.It doesnt do anything and it’s just a burden that your putting on yourself,its a chain on your life.

  2. Dear Future Self,
    in 10 years I believe you are a grandmother of at least two grandchildren. Both of your children are happy married and have at least one kid. Irma has graduated the university and now is happy with her life and work . She and her family are healthy. Ignas has graduated colledge and has a work he likes. He and his family are healthy too. I know that some illnesses are there but nothing heavy or dangerous. You and Dainoras are happy. as well as your parents. They are old but still alive and healthy as much as their old ages allow. Everything is good and all your troubles are far away. Believe in your family and God will help you.
    Love, Rasa

  3. Dear Future Self,

    I guess you can calm down now. The future is here, so stop worrying what the future will bring. In fact, you should stop worrying right now about what’s going to happen tomorrow. Everything will work out, and you will be okay.

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