How Has the Coronavirus Affected Your Life

The coronavirus is on everyone’s mind and is changing the way we lead our lives. Why not write about this subject?
What changes has it caused in your life and that of your friends and family? What are the things that are on your mind? How to you deal with the anxiety that this new disease is causing? What do you do to relax or to take your mind off the terrible headlines in the newspaper or news reports on TV? Writing is a great way to deal with things that trouble us and a way to gain better understanding.

Consider even making a comic strip at to examine some of these issues and concerns of yours. By writing or creating graphic stories you gain power over your fears and, thus, empower yourself.

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  1. Nowadays, we are going through the crisis of COVID-19. It has affected me both negatively and positively. It has changed my entire way of thinking. Firstly negative impact it has on me that I and my family have been isolated from the community. I have lost the pleasure of meeting my friends and family. I could not enjoy outdoor activities and games. I could not go to school.
    Secondly, the positive impact made me realized that we humans shouldn’t seize animals. I also understand the value of relations and during this crisis, I came to know how to be social through social media apps and how to interact with people .

  2. Carnivorous has changed my life a lot, but it is totally up to me that should I see the negative side or positive side. The negative side is that I m lock in my won house, life is getting boring, things are getting tough day by day, but if I look at the positive side, I get lots of free time, so I can learn how to play guitar. It changes a little bit of my mode. The most important is that my mother is a working woman so I get to spent time with her. It’s’ a great opportunity to make a strong bond with your family. .

  3. The Corona Virus Pandemic has changed our way of living in just a few months. It is spreading like wildfire and is extremely lethal as no vaccine for it has been developed yet. The entire world has been put under lock down for our own safety. Schools & Offices have been shutdown and now take place over the internet. Almost all Shops & Markets are closed, with the exception of grocery stores. Some countries are actually providing their citizens with free rations while this covid 19 outbreak is going on. The excess staying indoor due to the corona virus restrictions is making people very frustrated. I am very bored staying indoors all the time. All I can do at home for fun is watching YouTube and playing video games. I usually use to do these activities at home before the lock down was announced but without the option of being able to play outdoors, everything is a lot more dull. Of course, to assure our safety, we must abide by these rules and respect the quarantine. We can only hope that a cure for corona virus is developed soon.

  4. The corona virus has caused a pandemic and thousands of deaths worldwide. Many countries have been put under quarantine to avoid more spread of the cases, and one of them is mine. All our classes are taken online. We get assignments and homework daily so that we keep in touch with our work. Everyday however, my family and me check the news and hear nothing good. Everyday, more people die, more cases come in. Everyday we have to hear this. This makes us feel awful, sad, depressed and hopeless, so we pray for the people that are going through this and pray that everyone stays safe. During this time I’ve realized the importance of doctors, cleaners, shopkeepers and police. How they put their own health on the Frontline to save others. How they keep every place clean for us, safe for us. This time has left a deep impression on me of all these hardworking people. Its even given me inspiration to become a doctor in the future. I also want to help people just like this one day. I’ve also noticed I’ve become closer to my family during this scary time.

  5. My life has really changed in this whole corona virus situation. It caused a lot of changes i will mention some. Whenever someone from my family goes out to get groceries we give him a mask a sensitizer. When he comes back me make him wash him hands and face. It’s been a long time i have not got out of my room. It’s because i am scared. I go for my cricket training but now the training is cancelled So I really don’t have anything to do. If i open up my phone it only shows Coronainvirus news. So i just spend my time laying on the bed with no light. I am getting lazy day by day

  6. Coronavirus has affected our lives in many different ways. We are more aware of our health and are washing our hands more often. People are paranoid of others and won’t go outside anymore. Many important global events have been postponed, graduation ceremonies of hard-working students are postponed, the airline industry has declined. The economy will also take years to recover from this biological war. However, this pandemic has also brought humanity closer than ever, WITHOUT any human contact. We are trying our best to prevent the spread of this virus and hopefully one day will fight off the virus.

  7. the coronavirus has affected my life in many ways such as one of the most important things that it has done to almost all of us is that made us from going outside much and also it has ruined many businesses around the world and some of them I knew about and they were very helpful. All my family members are in grave danger because of this virus as they live in countries affected by this. Whenever i see how worse its getting and about all the lives that are being lost I have to stay calm and hope for the best.

  8. Ever since the coronavirus started, people have been panicking around the world, about how this would affect our lives. People are now stuck at home worldwide to prevent anyone from catching the virus, and everyone at home is bored to death from the lock down. Some people have gone to the point where they have make a very silly conspiracy theory about 5G signal towers causing the coronavirus, but the alarming thing is, that many people are starting to believe this. The boredom caused by the lock down has made people very bored, and it has made me bored as well. At home, there are things I can do to entertain myself, but they don’t entertain me for too long. I get bored eventually, and it is the whole cycle again the next day. I just hope this lock down ends soon.

  9. Coronavirus has given everyone’s life a huge impact. Since we all are stuck in quarantine, we all have a similarity in common, boredom. This term has made me watch all shows and series available on Netflix, made me use all my art supplies, and eat up all the quarantine snacks my dad just bought yesterday. But on the bright side, it has also given me time to relax and do some self-care. I have started reading more books and given more time to myself than ever. Since we all are locked down in our houses, I have also thought of adopting a cat, because, why not?
    Ah, I surely cannot wait to come back to school after this crisis ends. See ya!

  10. The coronavirus has changed how we work, play and learn.That also means minimizing contact with people. TikTok videos, memes, stories, essays and poems about living in isolation will all become part of the culture. We could come out of this feeling more connected to each other than before.

  11. I wanted to make a comic for my students to fill in about the Olympics being postponed in Japan. It could be related to current events with Coronavirus. Jobs, events closing, including sporting events, feelings people have about staying home,

  12. The corona virus is not good. In many cases it has been lethal and has caused deaths. It is a virus that has affected people from all ages and in many countries including ours. We have had to make changes in our lives in order to stay safe from the virus.

    One of the changes is that we are no longer attending school. Even though this might seem like a vacation, we can’t go out or visit my family in Virginia. We do stay in contact with our family members but just through our phones. Another change is that my dad is no longer working, and we do not know for how long. This has become a little bit stressful to our parents.

    In order to release some of our stress and anxiety we play ball outside. My grandma and I work on a word puzzle book that my mom got me. We also talk as a family and have prayer a couple of days out of the week. My favorite thing to do to release stress and anxiety is playing on my electronics.

    I am hoping that soon the health professionals will come up with a cure or something to fight this virus. For now all we can do is stay safe by following the directions of the government. I hope to soon return to school too!

  13. Have you ever written about something that calms you down because of the virus? I have! First I get my controller and turn on the TV. Also I calm down and I don´t get mad like my brother. Also I just calm down and play with my sisters. Next I go outside to play tag or freeze tag with my siblings and we all have a good time. Also when I go outside I do exercise with my siblings so we won´t remind ourselves about the virus. Then we go inside we take a shower and use our devices and watch netflix together to forget about the virus sometimes. Also we eat jello when we want to and my mom makes more when we run out. Finally we go to bed and forget about the virus. That is what I do to calm myself an my siblings all together as a big family.

  14. The corona virus is not good. This virus can make you die. People from all ages can have the virus. It is lethal to humans. We are still struggling to figure out a cure, vaccine or the correct medicine.

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