1. I was afraid when I first found out I was pregnant. I was young and wanted to continue doing my life. I made up my mind and told to my mother about my situation. She cried and helped me a lot. When I was in the 8th month, the doctor told me it was time for me to give birth. So I did.

    It was on September 3rd when I first saw my little boy’s face. He was little with pink cheeks. Never crossed my mind that having a child would be joyful. He is about to turn 8 and he’s growing a lot. I love him as no-one would ever imagine.

  2. the titanic set sail set sail on April 10th 1912. There were 2,240 passengers and 1,500 lost there lives. the titanic set sail in Ireland. The titanic was the ship of dreams. It was the first ship that was built of metal It had famous people on it. There was first, second and third class.

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