How Do You Feel About the Protests Over the Death of George Floyd?

After George Floyd, an African-American man, died in policy custody in Minneapolis, protests have mounted throughout the nation as people express their grief and frustration about police brutality. What are your own thoughts about what is happening? What do you think of efforts by the police to keep order in the community? What have been your own experiences with the police? What should be done to prevent such deaths in the future.

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  1. Although this was posted on June 5 and it is November 3rd, I encourage all to keep protesting, It is a shame that we have to PROTEST for POC to not be killed unjustly by someone who is supposedly sworn to “Protect and Serve” our citizens. This will not be the last time I encourage you to learn about police brutality and racism in this country and around the world. But what about my experience with cops? Some are opposed to defunding or reforming the police because they have had only positive experiences. But as it is with everything, not everyone’s experience with this is the same. Personally, I haven’t really had any experience with police at all. But my issue with the police is the insane amount of people being killed by the police. A common argument I’ve heard against BLM is that white people get killed by the police too. My answer that is, yes. Yes, they do. That is also an issue! But it seems that people only use that counterclaim to disregard the BLM movement rather than bring awareness to white folk being killed unjustly. I am very disappointed with the current state of our country for multiple reasons, this topic being one of them. Thank you for reading this passage expressing my extreme feelings toward injustice in the system. As always, I will end this with an important message. Black Lives Matter. Sincerely, L

  2. May 25, 2020 was the day George Floyd was wrongfully murderer because of the color of his skin. For 8 minutes and and forty six seconds A knee was held to his neck preventing him from breathing. 7 years after the black lives matters movement was created and we are SITLL fighting to be even consider equal. So what do I think? I think we should keep fighting and we should protesting unill our voices are heard .

  3. I feel like they should keep protesting because if George Floyd was saying ”I CAN´T BREATHE” why would you still be on him. That is just not right so I say we keep protesting till we get our peace back.

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