We Are All Ukrainians Now — Let’s Write about Them Now!

All eyes on turned to what’s happening to the Ukrainian people as Russia wages war against their county. It may seem that there is little we can do from our own countries to help these beleaguered people, but we CAN write their stories as we put ourselves in their places through our rich imaginations. By writing we understand better.

We are the group of teens who have placed themselves in the middle of the road to block the Russian troops from using the highway to invade their city. What are they saying and thinking as they position themselves in front of the tanks? What are the tank drivers thinking?

We are the young couple with an eight-month-old baby trudging by foot for 20 miles to get to the borders to Poland to escape the war. What are they thinking as they move so exhaustively without much food or water. What are their fears and hopes? What were they able to take with them? Does anyone help them?

They are the old Ukrainian women who confront the Russian solders to their town and tell them to take the pumpkin seeds they offer and place them in their pockets so that when they die sunflowers will grow on their graves. How do they overcome their fears to say this? What do the Russian soldiers think or say in response?

They are the young people sleeping in the underground subway to escape the bombings of Kyiv. What is going through their heads? What are they saying in their prayers?

You are Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin who has started this war against Ukraine. What can he be thinking? What are his dreams or fantasies about waging such a terrible war? When most of the world hates what you are doing, how do you face yourself in the morning? What goes on in your mind as you look in the mirror?

You are a Russian high school student in Moscow trying to muster the courage to protest against the war. You are frightened by the police. What do you say to yourself to gain courage?

Write about any of these people — the are human like you and need to hear their stories told.


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