What If You Ran A Poem Store?

I read about a person who sets up a table with a typewriter in Los Angeles with a sign that reads, ”Poem Store. Your Subject Your Price.” And people who pass by can ask her to write a poem about any subject that is on their mind. One woman requested a poem on ”New Beginnings.” A man asked for a poem on ”LongTime Love” to give to his wife. The poet then begins to type and soon pulls a written poem from the typewriter and reads it out loud. For the poem, a customer can pay what he or she wishes and place the money in a tin box that sits in front of the poet’s typewriter. Now it’s your turn: Why don’t you run your own poem store and have a friend or fellow student request a poem from you on a subject that is important to them? See what you can write — it doesn’t have to rhyme, but it should be from your heart.

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  1. I wish I had an easier time turinng my mind off for a little. One of my biggest problems with communication is listening, as my own thoughts often drown out the person I’m supposed to be hearing. I think you’re absolutely right about listening leading to better communication: something I need to work on

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