Writing Something Important on Your Classroom Walls

There was a wonderful piece in the March 2, 2011 Wall Street Journal (”Erasing Signatures From History” by Jeffrey Zaslow) which talks about a high school English teacher who encouraged his students to write their most creative thoughts on the walls of his classroom.  They covered ”those painted cinderblocks with original art, quotes from favorite books, and deep thoughts born from teenaged angst,” writes Zaslow.  And many of the students looked to those walls for inspiration.  I know I would have.

What a creative idea! A way of telling young people that their ideas and thoughts have value and should be shared by others.

I wonder what you might write on the walls of your own classroom.  For me, I think the most important words are, ”Persist. Never take ‘no’ for an answer.”  And,  ”Be kind, there is so much pain in the world, be kind!”

But tell me, what would you write?

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