Send A Message to An Extraterrestrial into Space; How would it read?

That question was the subject of a writing contest.  In talking about this contest, Stephen Hawking, the physicist, said, ‘’It assumes that an intelligent extraterrestrial life form has already made contact with us and we need to formulate a reply.  The competition asks school-age students to think creatively and scientifically in order to find a way to explain human life on this planet to some inquisitive aliens.  I have no doubt that if we are ever contacted by such beings, we would want to respond.  I also think it is an interesting question to pose to young people as it requires them to think about the human race and our planet as a whole.  It asks students to define who we are and what we have done,’’ said Dr. Hawking.

Now, if you were writing such a message to an alien, what would you say?

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