What Would You Do With A Second Chance?

A teenager who has led a reckless life is slowing dying.  Her heart is failing her.  Doctors successfully perform an unusal operation in which they take out her heart from her body, remove a tumor that had grown on it, and then repair the heart.  The girl now has a second chance at life.  How does this change her from the way she was before? How will she live her new life?

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  1. Life is an irreversible virtue. Unfortunately , its too brief. Some people do not get to appreciate the gift of life, so they utterly waste it. They do drugs, smoke, drive too fast and so on. Far too many people lost their families and friends and most importantly the world easily without accomplishing too much. For me, life has always been precious, and I think that everyday is a gift and a second chance. Talking about second chances, not everyone gets to have a second chance. For example, Amy has a late stage tumour in her heart. Doctors explained to her that she isn’t surviving for so long . Woefully , she is bemoaning and wishing she could live longer. She writes a letter before she dies: “I have never felt that regretful in my entire life. I wish I could go back in time so that I would change many things. Things I wish I had not done or the complete opposite. For example , I would have treated my family better. I would have enjoyed the small talks that onace seemed trivial, trivial because other things intrigued me more than my mother did. God, I wish I had more time so that I could go to college and get to see my children born. I just wish I had another chance.”

  2. Sadly, she won’t relive her life any differently. As many are accustomed to starting “new fads” that will “change their lives,” the majority fall off the tracks and return to their lives of pain and anguish, not because they want to, but because they want to live the life that was “comfortable” for them.

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