What I Want to Tell You…

I think you will like this writing prompt offered by a friend and author, Esther Cohen, to students in her workshops.  It is based on the theme: What I Want to Tell You.

There is so much to write about when you think about this theme.  Perhaps you want to tell someone about your beloved pet.

Perhaps you want to write about your hopes or dreams or deepest wishes.

Perhaps you want to express some pain or worry in your heart.

Perhaps there is a funny story you want to tell.

It’s all up to you as you write about something you want to tell others, or perhaps just tell yourself.


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  1. We are so used to live with the thought of living with a purpose. We explore it, package it with hope and feed it to our minds every day. Nothing will change if we stop.

    Felt the sense of being purposeless and for some time now. It is so difficult to deal with it. Everything that you took up in life becomes such a burden. I am sure I am not alone and not the first. Not the first time. But certainly it is deeper than earlier experiences of monotony and blackouts.

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