What Do You Believe in With All Your Heart?

A very simple  but meaningful writing prompt today:  Write about something you believe in with all your heart and soul — what’s really, really important to you in living your precious life?

This writing idea came from Sarah Dohrmann of  the Teachers & Writers Collaborative.  Here is a wonderful chant ritual she uses with her students in her writing class before they begin writing — it is one that all writers of all ages can use, too:

Teacher: ”Repeat after me: ‘I have a voice!”’

Students: ”I have a voice!”

Teacher: ”My voice is powerful!”

Students: ”My voice is powerful!”

Teacher: ”My voice can change the world!”

Students: ”My voice can change the world!”

Now, write and change the world!

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  1. I’m writing not in regard to your post but in regard to something every human must think / endure…………
    We’re all too dumb to progress in this world because of our own stupid ignorance….. I feel like a loser for talking about this but it’s true. Humanitarians will be the ones who suffer because they’re the ones who would rather blame everyone else than to stand up to their own wrong doings…. this is the mentality we have grown up with…
    I never thought I’d be a ranting troglodyte on the internet but that’s how I feel right now. The progression in science is too slow to save us purely because of the affiliation with this religious mentality we have. Each to their own I believe, but, where would we be without religion? I don’t want to be a bible basher but really… have you thought about it? We’re not ready to be a type 1 civilization yet.. which means we’re to be extinct in the short time frame we have here….. Just Look.

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