What Will This Key Open?

We use keys to open many things.

Some keys open doors – such as the door to your home, or the door to your car, or the drawer in your desk where you store special things.

Some keys can open treasure chests filled with all the things which you consider valuable.

Some keys can open your personal diary where you write about the important things in your life.

Or, maybe you have given someone you love the ‘’key’’ to your heart or to your soul.

Imagine that someone gave you a key to open something.  Write about what the key will open.  If the key opens a door, for example, then write about what is on the other side of the door.

If the key opens a treasure box or hope chest, then write about what is hidden inside the box.

Or, you can begin your writing with the following sentence:

She put the key into the lock, turned it and ….


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  1. I was playing hide and seek with my brother, and I was hiding behind the door of my room, a classic place to hide. I could see the tiny, but long crevice of light shining, from the space through the door.

    All of a sudden, I heard footsteps, I knew it, it was my brother, he probably saw the door move, from me adjusting myself. I was woebegone, he always found me so quickly. I got ready for the moment, and hold my breath, waiting for my brother to slyly pounce on me, and frighten me, scared me as easily as someone trying to chase a sloth.

    How peculiar! The footsteps were walking on the floor as loudly as thunder, and they seemed like a wild horse stomping on the floor. I could bet you at that moment that the person walking there was not my brother, it was a rabid dog.

    Just as I guessed, the footsteps were quite close to the door where I was hiding by now, and the figure came to my eyes. It was a large pitbull, staring at me, with a golden key in its mouth.

    The dog and I just stared at each-other for a while, and suddenly opening its mouth. I nearly jumped in fright at the sight of its huge mouth. It could probably swallow me in one gulp.

    After the dog opened its mouth, the key fell from it, and the dog nudged it toward me. Ah! I get it! The dog wants me to take the key to use it to open something!

    I grab the key, and suddenly, a large hologram of a door appears before me, in my room. I knew at first that I had to open this door with the key that the dog gave me. Surprisingly, the dog had gone quickly, maybe it disappeared.

    I stroll over to the door, and push the tip of the key into the keyhole. It fitted perfectly and I got really excited.

    The door opens, but who knows what’s behind it? And that, my audience, is something I want you to think about.

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