What Is the Truth About You?

  • Start with ”The truth about me is…” and see where it leads.

(This writing prompt idea can be found at: http://www.teachersandwritersmagazine.org/just-write-2925.htm — it is from an essay with so many wonderful, creative ideas to encourage writing.)

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  1. The truth about me is I’m an anxious dreamer! The worst kind! You want to do and experience things but you are too scared and don’t know how! It’s a very sad and frustrating process.

  2. I love to read and write about things but I like to play video games, bathing, sleeping.I’m 9 and a half. My birthday is December 13 2006.

  3. The truth about me is that I am still a young person at heart. When I look out into the world I still have that wide-eyed amazed anticipation that I had at the age of six. I know there are bad people in the world but I refuse to become one of them. If I ponder too long on the negative experiences of my life I would become bitter and angry. Instead of becoming bitter I choose to become better. I allow myself to remember but not regret my past. Everything that I have experienced thus far has made me an optimistic and outgoing introvert.

  4. One thing true about me is that I love to play basketball with my friends and I am pretty good at basketball. Also, I am going to play for the school’s basketball team and I am also going to basketball tryouts. One day i would like to play like Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving.

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