Change A Story in Your Life

*Someone wrote the following sentence on his blog: ”We can change the stories we tell ourselves.”

I think that’s a very deep, profound statement for so many of us and we struggle with all the many problems we have in our lives.

All of us carry old baggage around with us which weighs us down — for example, we feel we didn’t get the love we needed, or we failed at something and the failure seems to dominate our lives now, or we made mistakes which we can’t seem to overcome.  But perhaps another way in dealing with these negative stories is to try somehow to change them.  We didn’t get the love we needed? So maybe that means instead that we decide to be more loving and kind to others. We failed at something? So maybe we say instead that we learned from our failure and now we can use what we learned to make our life better. We made mistakes?  So maybe instead we try to approach a new situation in a new way we haven’t considered before. etc., etc., etc.
So, for today’s writing prompt, write about the old story in your own life which you would like to change. How does your new story read? Write from your heart.
*The writer of the sentence is marketing expert Seth Godin in his blog:
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