Writing to Yourself 5 Years From Now

You are writing a letter to yourself to be opened five years from now. You are saying the things that you think the older you will need to hear — perhaps words of accomplishment or words of hope and comfort.   This letter will have important content that will be important to you.

What do you write in this letter to the older you?

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  1. The Letter would be as follows :

    Dear Me,

    How are you?
    I believe, by this time you should be in a very good position mentally, physically, financially, no doubt about that. Let me give you a checklist of things that should have been marked completed by now.

    Help others without anything in return
    Visit and gift things to Mom and Dad
    Give away things that I don’t use to the people who need it
    Be content
    Become a creative writer
    Travel Himalayas
    Be confident enough to do anything in life
    Speak 5 languages (at least the common words)
    Have crazy memories with the people you love
    Find a partner in my level of craziness
    Stay happy

    Hoping to see all this checked in the next five years.
    Do well in the future too.


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