How Do We End Deadly Gun Violence at Schools and Other Places?

What do you think should be done to prevent future deadly shootings at schools and elsewhere? Is it a good or bad idea to arm teachers with guns to protect students? What can students do about this problem? Do you feel safe or unsafe in settings such as schools or movies or public places?
If you’re an educator or parent or student, please consider using as a resource to help young people express their ideas on ending school violence.  Create a comic strip in which the characters express your views and ideas.  Share your creations and ideas with your friends and classmates.
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  1. To end gun violence the government needs to have stricter gun laws or in different terms: gun control. There is no reason anyone should be able to walk into any store that sells guns, (which is a lot of them) and purchase an AK-47. The AK-47 was specifically designed to kill people. And yet, it’s for sale in very easy access. I think raising the age to buy a gun could possibly help, but how will that stop teenagers from getting the gun from an older person or an older person creating the violence such as the shooting in Las Vegas? Teachers should not carry around firearms in their classroom. What happens if a student gets their hands on it? Even if is locked up, the protocol for an intruder with a gun in the school is to lock the doors and hide and wait for safety to clear. There are police officers that are trained for these situations and the teacher should not have to be one of them. Their job should be to teach students. Period. Even if teachers were trained and carried guns, how many of them are actually going to confront and shoot the shooter? If a trained police officer such as in the Florida shooting, ran out of the school and hid, how likely is it that a teacher who did not sign up for that, to shoot someone dangerous in a school setting. Teachers should be educating students. Not killing dangerous people, regardless of the situation. There are people who are trained very well and whose job it is to do so, and the teachers are not those people.

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