Should We Lower the Voting Age to 16?

In light of the terrible mass gun shootings at a Florida school, some believe that the nation should lower the voting age to 16, from the current age of 18. They say that because young people have been affected by the school violence, they should be able to have a say in electing legislators whose decisions about gun control and other issues touch on their young lives. Others question the competence of 16 year-olds to make informed choices in the voting booth.  Where do you stand: lower the voting age or leave it as is, and why?

Time now for your to create a comic strip at in which your characters express your views on this issue.  Where do you stand: lower the voting age or leave it as is, and why?

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  1. The voting age should stay at 18. At 16, teenagers should not be involved in voting because at that age everyone is relying on what their parents think. Not to mention that there are other ways they can get involved in politics without voting, such as how they are reacting now. Legislatures and other representatives are not just about gun control, too. There are other aspects of it and once gun control is finally taken care of? If that is the only reason people want the voting age lowered it is not a strong enough reason. At 16, people are just not mature enough to form their own opinions on something so important to our society such as politics and voting.

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