Using the Words ”I Remember…” to Capture A Memory

Joe Brainard, a poet, wrote a book about his life titled ”I Remember” in which he started each sentence with the phrase, ”I remember…” and then wrote a sentence or two about a memory.

Examples are: “I remember ‘Love Me Tender” and “I remember ‘Payday’ candy bars and eating the peanuts off first then eating the center part”  and “I remember ‘Spam.”’  The words, ”I remember” are a way of searching in our memories to see some of the things that make up our lives and history.

Why not use the ”I remember” prompt to highlight some of the things you remember in your life — they can be light things, important things, surprising things that tell about your own life and interests.   Write one or two ”I remember” sentences each day to see if you can develop a book about your own life of memories.

If you wish, you can create a comic strip at where you choose a character to represent you and talk about the things you remember in his or her comic strip.

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