Using a Memory to Help Write About Something Important to You

Think about an early memory in your life that you always come back to.   Maybe it’s a memory of a very happy time or day that you spent with others.  Maybe it’s a memory of something that frightened you and still gives you the chills when you think about it.   Maybe it’s a memory of some kind, loving words that were said to you, or, then again, maybe it’s a memory of harsh words that you heard or spoke which changed things for you.  Maybe, even, it’s the earliest memory you have when, say, you were still in the crib or carriage — what is it you saw or heard or smelled or touched?

Take some time to write about this memory and why it is important to you.  Share your memory.  You can write it in the form of a dream or poem or short essay, or even as a play to be performed by others.  Our memories are very important to us; they feed us throughout our lives, so honor your memory.

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  1. I will never forget the day my family and I moved from Connecticut to Maryland.
    We needed to move because my dad lost his job. For me this was a very sad day because I was scared that I would not know anyone and that I would miss my friends.
    My little brother, sister, parents and myself were all in the car for a very long time. It took 8 hours. We needed to stop several times for bathroom and food breaks.
    Along the way, we listened to music, slept and just talked to each other.
    I also thought about my old school and that I was going to a new school. My mom said this would be an adventure but I just thought about this as something that I did not want to do.
    When the trip was finally over, we arrived at my grandparents. We needed to stay there until we found a new house. I am not sure if we were more excited to see Maryland and our grandparents or if we were more tired from the long trip!
    Apparently we were very tired because as soon as we got to our beds, we fell asleep immediately.

  2. One day afternoon, my dad picked up my sister, Melissa, and I from school. When we got home, I sat on the couch and placed my head on the palms of my hands. Suddenly, I heard “SURPRISE!!” I turned my head towards to the kitchen and saw my friends looking at me. I couldn’t believe it; but I forgot that today was my birthday.

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