Create Comic Strips About Our Brilliant New Characters

In response to your email requests, MakeBeliefsComix introduces a new batch of characters and scenic backgrounds to enhance your comic stories.  Also, you now will be able to create stories that are 18 panels long, twice as much as before.   For this week why not create comix giving the back stories of some of the new characters.  Who are they? Give each a name; give them personalities.  As you fill in their talk and thought balloons tell us what is on the minds of the characters.  Make believe you are one of them — what words would they say in speaking for you? Please give us feedback on the changes we have made.
You are welcome to send your completed comics to; please include your name so that we can credit you if we want to display the comic with your permission. You can also post a written response to this idea prompt directly on this writing blog.
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