Do You Have A Secret Hiding Place?

Make believe you had a secret hiding place to call your very own. It is where you can shut yourself from the demands of the world, where you can have your private thoughts and be the ”real” you. What would this secret haven be like? What would you do there? Write? Think? Pray? Just sit? How could such a place change you? Do you already have such a secret place, and if so, what is it like. Please describe.

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  1. A basement full of plants, growlights and thick persian carpets. The air is thick with the life stink of the plants, the carpets are springy under my Nike flip flops as I sit down under the shade of the Monstrea plants, big as palm trees and dip my toes in the Koi fish dam. The biggest fish comes up to put its mouth to the surface.

    I look at the fish and I lay back down on the carpet. Jungle sounds are playing through hidden speakers and I have a book and a coffee waiting by my easy chair further into the man-made sub-terranian jungle. My girl friend’s red hair is visible further into the growth. My lean tattooed body stretches out in this Eden in the city.

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