Four Ways to Spark Your Writing

Here are four scenarios to encourage you to write from your heart:
1. You walk into a gallery and start reading 800 handwritten stories that are hung on clothespins along lengths of twin affixed to the wall. Someone then steers you to a bench, pen and clipboard to write a story of your own, with a sign saying ”What’s Your Story?” What do you write?
2. You then go to a gallery that features Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree where visitors are invited to take a paper tag, write a wish, and hang it on the branches of a tree. What do you write?
3. You walk into another place and someone gives you a postcard and encourages you to write a ”secret” and mail it back; some of these anonymous secrets will be posted online. What do you write?
4. At another location, visitors are encouraged to send a letter to someone in need, or encouraged to write letters to the future. What do you write?

All these are wonderful ways of reaching into yourself and then expressing what is important to you or in your heart or mind. Take a moment to let things swirl in your mind and chose one of these scenarios to do some writing. You’ll be happier for doing so!

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