Do You Have A Safe Haven?

Everyone needs a safe place, or safe haven, they can go to when they need to catch their breath and find a few moments refuge from the stresses that come from outside or within. For me, such a place has always been the public library which I would retreat to as a boy to get away from the turmoil of an unhappy home. I was always happiest among the book shelves. Other times my safe haven has been my kitchen table where I write my books or read my beloved books. Sometimes, it is a quiet corner in a museum.
Share with us: Where do you find your safe havens — what places or people do you retreat to in search of peace and safety?

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  1. The shower has always been my safe place. The warmth and isolation makes me feel like I am being given support to heal. The likness to a womb is probably not too far away.

    After I crashed my moped as a boy I went into the shower for a long time, bleeding and recovering from shock. Every time I have a bad cold or a hangover I go into the shower as well, letting it wash away all the sickness and pain from my back and neck.

  2. For me, I have always dreamed of living in the country side where there is no voice louder than nature. I believe that this life would be far less stressing, and would always feel fresh. I can recall this life as my grandmother was living there in our farm. She was full of life and energy, and an inspiration to me.

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