A Never Told Story

The narrator of a book begins the story with these words: ”This is not a story I’ve told before.”

Your job now is to tell a story that you have not told before.  It can be a happy story or a sad story or a frightening one from your life.  It can even be one that you have just made up that you would like to tell someone.

So, write on!

And Still He Persisted

In a conversation a friend said to me the sentence ”And still he persisted.”

How about taking that sentence, ”And still he persisted,” and building a short story about it (you can change the ”he” or ”she” if your prefer)?  Who is the person who persists? Why doesn’t he or she give up? What is the person trying to achieve? Does he or she eventually accomplish what they planned?  What problems has he or she encountered along the way?   Can that sentence, ”And still he persisted,” be applied to you or someone you know?


Imagine You Achieve the Fame You Desire


At last you have finally achieved all the fame and recognition which you have always sought and believe you deserve. Tell us how you did it.   Which special talent of yours do you want to be recognized for? What advice do you offer to others who also want to excel? What have you been willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your success?  What kept you going along your path to fame?


The Letter You’ve Yearned to Receive

You have arrived home from school and a letter is waiting for you to open.  It contains the words you have yearned to hear.  The words comfort you and give you hope and confidence for the future.   Write the amazing letter you wish to receive — it’ll be good for you and give you a way to figure out what you deep down need to hear — even if they come from yourself.  And who wrote this wonderful letter to you?