How Do We End Deadly Gun Violence at Schools and Other Places?

What do you think should be done to prevent future deadly shootings at schools and elsewhere? Is it a good or bad idea to arm teachers with guns to protect students? What can students do about this problem? Do you feel safe or unsafe in settings such as schools or movies or public places?
If you’re an educator or parent or student, please consider using as a resource to help young people express their ideas on ending school violence.  Create a comic strip in which the characters express your views and ideas.  Share your creations and ideas with your friends and classmates.

Reading People’s Thoughts

You are riding the bus and looking at the people who come on board.  You suddenly find you have the power to read the thoughts of others.  Someone sits down across from you, you close your eyes and read their minds.  What stories do you hear? What surprises do you uncover? What do you learn?

The Happiest Moment in Your Life

Take a moment to recall the happiest time in your life so far.  When was that?  What made it so special?

Now, keep that memory alive within you as you go about your day and deal with all the problems ahead.  The memory will keep you going.