Writing A Poem on the Subway

A young woman boards the New York City subway and sits down beside a rider.  ”Can I ask you a question?” she says.  ”’Every time I ride the subway, I ask a stranger to write a poem.  Would you write one?”

The rider smiles, takes pen to paper and begins composing her poem.  What does she write?

How Will You Change the World?

You alone have the power to change the world and make it perfect, the way you always wanted it to be.  You can change people or create new forms of life.  You can make the world reflect your own sense of beauty, your own values and beliefs.  What kind of brave new world would emerge?

Lost in the Ocean — Survival

You are a six year-old youngster who has escaped with your mother on a boat from Cuba that has capsized somewhere off the Florida coast.  You are holding on to an inner tube you shared with your mother, who was forced to let go as the waves crashed upon you both.    What thoughts are going on in your head as you wait in the ocean.   Will you be rescued?

Meeting a Historical Figure

There is a famous person in history whom you always wanted to meet.  Maybe your words will affect a key decision that person is about to make. That person is all ears. Think carefully now:  What would you say or ask? How would you change the course of history?