Saving Five People’s Lives

A young boy dies from a robber’s bullet while on a family trip.  After he’s declared brain-dead, his parents decide to donate his strong heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas to give five other sick people a chance at life.  The mother says, ”It means his death wasn’t meaningless.” Which five people received the boy’s organs, and how do their lives change as a result?

What Would You Say to Yourself?

Looking in the bathroom mirror, you are shocked as you begin to brush your teeth.  Your reflection has begun talking back to you, telling you things that you never knew.   It even cracks funny jokes and stories about your life.  The reflection also says it is lonely and asks you to talk back to it  How would your conversation go?

What Story Would Your Eye Blink?

A writer is  paralyzed by a stroke that severs the connection between his body and brain.  He is unable to speak, breathe, eat, or move anything — except his left eyelid.  But with that eye blinking (one blink for the letter ”A”, two blinks for the letter ”B”, three blinks for the letter ”C” and so on), he writes a book.  By blinking his eye in code more than 200,000 times, he dictates a book that becomes a best-seller.  You are like that writer.  Here is the story you blink to form, letter by letter:

What Would Your Dream Seeds Grow?

Someone places in your hand three powerful seeds that will grow into whatever you want them to be.  It might be a flower, or a hope or dream realized, or even an enchanted animal — anything you wish.  What three things would you like to see your seeds sprout into?

How Would Your Dog Remodel Your Home?

Your dog has taken upon herself the task of remodeling your home. (She just got her degree in home decorating from famed Mirtha Spaniel.)  She makes the place more suitable to living a dog’s life.  What changes has the animal made? How has she redecorated your own room?

What Kind of Creature Would You Invent?

Modern day DNA technology gives you the chance to create a chimera — a being that can have the head of one animal, the body of another, the legs of a third, the brain of a human, the voice of another creature.  You will stock an animal park with the creatures that YOU invent.  What kind of creature will yours be?  What are its characteristics and attributes?  What might it look like?  What will you name your beast?