What Jolted You and Changed You?

What jolted you and changed your life? Often in life, something hits us like a bolt — it may be loving someone or losing someone, it may be a change in our health, a disappointment, a happy moment — or just something else we never anticipated. And, boom, we begin to change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

What life event changed you? How did it do so?

Your Message to ‘Them’

One afternoon, as you listen to your favorite music, a sound boom is heard and your radio begins receiving and transmitting extra-terrestrial radio signals. You realize that someone, something ”out there” has contacted you.
Speaking on behalf of all humankind, what first message do you transmit back to those out there. What impression do you think your message will have on ”Them”?
Thank carefully, for in many respects you are speaking on behalf of all of us on Earth.

Tell the Story of the Migrant

Years ago, under cover of night, I illegally crossed the border between Mexico and the United States to start a new life in this country. I had many dreams and fears that motivated me to start a new life. I underwent many frightening adventures to finally arrive here. I still struggle to stay here. Tell my story.

Looking back, I Remember

We saw the following writing prompt on the writing prompts blog site, 100 Word Challenge: Creative Writing for Young People, at: https://100wc.net/week-36-19/
We liked it very much and want to share with you. It is simply:

…looking back, I remember…

Now, sit back, relax, and let your memories flow!