As a writer I know that deep down each of us has stories worth telling. The writing prompts offered here will help you find your own special voice. Read them, let your mind wander freely and listen carefully to the voice within. Then begin writing. Don’t be afraid. Just write what you want to say. Amaze yourself!...


The girl followed the bully home from school one day. She was trying to understand why this person, a fellow human being, was so mean and bad. This is what she learned:

(You can also write your response in the form of a comic strip created at


Stretch your imagination and come up with some lines to go with this writing prompt:

The clown, who had been smiling and making people laugh in the big tent, entered his dressing room and began to weep. Why?

(You can also write your response in the form of a comic strip created at

Retrieving A Memory

In a hidden, dark building there is a special room, number 4512, where people go to retrieve their memories. You want to visit this room because there is a particular memory you want to recall. What is that memory? Why is it important to you?

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