As a writer I know that deep down each of us has stories worth telling. The writing prompts offered here will help you find your own special voice. Read them, let your mind wander freely and listen carefully to the voice within. Then begin writing. Don’t be afraid. Just write what you want to say. Amaze yourself!...

Create a Poem by the Stream

In ancient times Chinese poets would seat themselves along a winding stream and watch wooden winged cups filled with wine float by them.  When a cup arrived before a poet, he would be expected to drink the wine and improvise a poem.  You are one of these poets and the wooden cup has just floated to you.  What is the short, simple poem you improvise?

Write in Your Own Secret Code

You have the ability to write a special thought in words that were never before uttered or used by anyone– they are words that you have created in your most personal moments and which capture your secret self.  You are able to use the alphabet in ways that no one else has done before. What are the new words you use? What secret messages do they convey?

Speak to Your Favorite Character

By the power of your vivid imagination, you are able to speak with a character from a favorite book whom you loved or admired.  What are the kinds of things you want to say to or ask this character?  What do you think his or her response would be to you?  Perhaps for one day you could even live the life of the character you liked so much.  Who would you choose and what would this life be like?

Saving Five People’s Lives

A young boy dies from a robber’s bullet while on a family trip.  After he’s declared brain-dead, his parents decide to donate his strong heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas to give five other sick people a chance at life.  The mother says, ”It means his death wasn’t meaningless.” Which five people received the boy’s organs, and how do their lives change as a result?

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