Tell Me About Yourself!

The greatest question you can ask someone if you really want to get to know them: Tell me about yourself!

You can choose a comic character at to represent you and talk about the things that make you special and interesting.  So many responses you can give — what you like to do, your favorite books, the music that makes you happy, your personal interests, what you may want to accomplish in life, your family, your best friend, your favorite sport or athlete.   Share yourself with others in your comic strip.

Write Their Diaries for the Day

Three people in three different parts of the world wake up one morning, each expecting the day to be like all the others.

But for one, in Mexico, this will turn into the most important day of her life.

For another, in China, the day will be the happiest she will ever experience.

And for the third, in Chicago, this will become his saddest day.

Write each of these people’s diaries for the day

Using a Memory to Help Write About Something Important to You

Think about an early memory in your life that you always come back to.   Maybe it’s a memory of a very happy time or day that you spent with others.  Maybe it’s a memory of something that frightened you and still gives you the chills when you think about it.   Maybe it’s a memory of some kind, loving words that were said to you, or, then again, maybe it’s a memory of harsh words that you heard or spoke which changed things for you.  Maybe, even, it’s the earliest memory you have when, say, you were still in the crib or carriage — what is it you saw or heard or smelled or touched?

Take some time to write about this memory and why it is important to you.  Share your memory.  You can write it in the form of a dream or poem or short essay, or even as a play to be performed by others.  Our memories are very important to us; they feed us throughout our lives, so honor your memory.

Make Something Special Using These Five Words

Here are five words — blood, sunshine, help, rope, stranger.

Try to create something using these words — perhaps a short adventure story, or a poem, or horror, or ghost story for Halloween.

See what you can do — have fun with your imagination and try something you haven’t done before.  It’ll get your creative juices going.

A Never Told Story

The narrator of a book begins the story with these words: ”This is not a story I’ve told before.”

Your job now is to tell a story that you have not told before.  It can be a happy story or a sad story or a frightening one from your life.  It can even be one that you have just made up that you would like to tell someone.

So, write on!

And Still He Persisted

In a conversation a friend said to me the sentence ”And still he persisted.”

How about taking that sentence, ”And still he persisted,” and building a short story about it (you can change the ”he” or ”she” if your prefer)?  Who is the person who persists? Why doesn’t he or she give up? What is the person trying to achieve? Does he or she eventually accomplish what they planned?  What problems has he or she encountered along the way?   Can that sentence, ”And still he persisted,” be applied to you or someone you know?