Use Your Mobile to Send Messages from MakeBeliefsComix to Friends Who Are Away

If you’re a mobile phone user you can keep in touch during the summer with your geographically scattered friends and family members by using your mobile device to regularly send them comic strips created at MakeBeliefsComix about something fun you did,  or share with them the latest gossip or the latest news in the form of a comic.   Tell your boy or girl friend a funny story in the form of a special comic you create for them on your mobile. Or, from your mobile send a comic to a relative who needs some cheering-up and would love to hear from you.


Something to Draw About: Enter the First Annual Cartoonist Contest of

Many of you have asked for new cartoon characters for   So, how about sending us your ideas for new ones? We’d love to see your drawings of the characters you have created. (If you can’t draw, you can send in your written ideas, too.) Draw a character who you think is missing from our diverse cast of characters. They can be superheroes, evil-doers, animal types, historic figures, people who look like you and your friends, figments of your imagination. Each of the existing characters on our site are shown in four ways with different emotions – happy, sad, angry, worried – so please submit four versions of each character whom you create showing these emotions. If you give us permission with your submission, we’ll post the best of the cartoons on our Gallery page. And, if things go well and we have your approval, we’ll consider adding a version of your character to our permanent cast of characters. Send PDFs of your artwork, as well as written text, to, or mail to: Bill Zimmerman, MakeBeliefsComix, 201 West 77 Street, New York, NY 10024.

Send Someone Special A Comic Strip Greeting for Father’s Day

Wouldn’ t a special comic strip greeting created at make a worthy gift for Father’s Day?   We all have special men in our lives who care for us and make our lives better – from our dads, or uncles, or big brothers, or granddads, a teacher or coach. In your comic strip, consider telling this person what he means to you and the difference he makes in your life.  Share a favorite memory of a special time you had together, or, in the comic strip, tell the person what you learned from them.  Wouldn’t such a comic strip greeting mean the whole world to you if you were a father, too?


Start Your Daily Summer Fun Comic Diary with

So much happens to us in the summer months. New places to explore. New books to read. New friends to make. New adventures to experience. Even just time alone to think about our lives.

This summer keep a comix diary with and create daily comic strips of what your days are like. First, choose among the many characters to find one to represent you and tell your story.  Then, create a comic strip with that character telling what new thing happened? What new thought did you have? What new book or hero did you discover?   What foolish thing happened to you? What new friend did you make? Each day, add a new comic strip to your digital portfolio. You can save your comics now at MakeBeliefsComix if you log in and set up a Comic Creator Account at: )  . This way you can keep your summer memories with

Write a Comix Strip Story for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day soon upon us, what better gift can you give the mothering person in your life than a comic strip of love specially created at    or drawn by hand? Tell the mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, teacher, person in your life what they mean to you.  Or, share with them, in a comic strip form, a favorite memory or story about your lives together. Maybe there’s a good wish you want to offer. Choose a character to represent you and your mother and begin your story. Create a greeting of love and joy to bring a smile to her face and e-mail or print it for her.

Continue Writing Your Favorite Book After It Ends

Each of us has at one time finished reading a book and said to ourself, ‘’I wish this book never ended,’’ and hoped for more pages or a sequel. Now, with you can create a comic strip and continue the story of your favorite characters. Did they live happily ever after? What new adventures or problems did they encounter? What happened to them after they grew up? Did everything work out as it was supposed to? You be the author-creator now as you build your comic strip. Have fun!