What Would You Place in A Time Capsule?

Fifty years from now, you, your children, and grandchildren will dig up a time capsule that will reveal the times we currently live in. What are the things you will place in the time capsule to show what your life was like for us now? Place 10 things in the time capsule.

Should She Divorce Her Parents?

Things are just not working out for your friend. She is thinking of seeking a divorce from her parents and has been looking around for a new set of parents with whom she feels she can have a better life. What qualities is she looking for in the people she interviews for this role? How will her new life with them be different from the old one?

Words to Get You Started on Writing Your Own Stories

Each of us has many stories to tell through our writing. To help you get started, here are some phrases to start you thinking on writing your own imaginative stories:

.Once upon a time there was…
.Long ago and far away lived a lonely creature…
.Let’s pretend that…
.Make believe that…

Good writing to you!

Please Share the Ways You Use MakeBeliefsComix in the Classroom

Dear reader,

Educators from around the world are always coming up with creative ways to use MakeBeliefsComix.com in the classroom. We’d like to develop a new feature where teachers share with colleagues how they use our free comic generator to help students communicate their ideas and improve their writing and reading skills. How do you tie in the comics with the subjects you teach?
Please send your own tips to us and give us permission to post at MakeBeliefsComix. You can send your ideas to billz@makebeliefscomix.com , along with your name, teaching grade and name of school. Or write your suggestion here at our writing blog, Somethingtowriteabout.com.
Thank you.

Imagine that Many of the Female Characters of MakeBeliefsComix Were Elected to Congress. What Will They Accomplish?

Women gained significant political power in last November’s midterm election. There are currently 102 women serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, a record number. And now many are choosing to run for President in 2020.

MakeBeliefsComix offers many female characters. So why not consider choosing some of them for comic strips you create in which they talk about their goals and priorities for the nation. How do you think their presence will change things for the future? What would you want to say to them in terms of solving our nation’s problems, such as with the economy or environment? Do you think they will make a difference? What would you like to see them accomplish?

You can send your completed comics to us at billz@makebeliefscomix.com , along with your permission to use on our Showcase Gallery, or write a comment on this writing blog, Somethingtowriteabout.com.

Which Afro-Americans Are Your Heroes?

Which Afro-Americans Are Your Heroes?
This is Black History Month. How about creating some comic strips in which your characters talk about their heroes. Why do you feel this way and which characteristics of your heroes do you want to adopt for yourself? Your heroes can be political figures, civil rights activists, athletes, scientists, musicians and singers,or writers — anyone who helps make our lives better. What would you want to say to them if your could meet them?
Your can send your comic strips to billz@makebeliefscomix.com and give us permission to post on our Comics Showcase page. You can also answer this question by going to our writing blog, SomthingtoWriteabout.com.