Tell the Story of the Migrant

Years ago, under cover of night, I illegally crossed the border between Mexico and the United States to start a new life in this country. I had many dreams and fears that motivated me to start a new life. I underwent many frightening adventures to finally arrive here. I still struggle to stay here. Tell my story.

Looking back, I Remember

We saw the following writing prompt on the writing prompts blog site, 100 Word Challenge: Creative Writing for Young People, at:
We liked it very much and want to share with you. It is simply:

…looking back, I remember…

Now, sit back, relax, and let your memories flow!

What Would You Place in A Time Capsule?

Fifty years from now, you, your children, and grandchildren will dig up a time capsule that will reveal the times we currently live in. What are the things you will place in the time capsule to show what your life was like for us now? Place 10 things in the time capsule.